Car sharing in Kolumbus

When you sometimes need a car.

We launched Kolumbus car sharing at Innovasjonsparken at Ullandhaug in Stavanger (five cars. Operator: Moveabout).

Since then, we have launched in the following locations:

  • 2020park (five cars. Operator: Moveabout)
  • University of Stavanger (six cars. Operator: Moveabout)
  • Parking place above Stavanger train station (four cars. Operator: Moveabout)
  • Parking house at Jorenholmen (two cars. Operator: Moveabout)
  • Parking house by Stavanger Forum (two cars. Operator: Moveaboutt)
  • Erichstrups gate in Stavanger city centre (four cars. Operator: Getaround)

Soon ready for launch:

  • Hillevåg torg (two cars. Operator: Getaround)
  • Olav Kyrres gate (three cars. Operator: Getaround)
  • Nymansveien (two cars. Operator: Getaround)

Open Kolumbus real time app, and zoom in on one of the locations where we offer car sharing in the map. Click the car icon, and you are redirected on to the operator's app for booking and payment. You can also skip using the realtime app and go straight to the operator's app on location. The operator handles everything around the car rental.

Last updated : 27.04.2022