Business account

The business account is a way for companies to pay for business trips.

Apply for a business account 

This is how the business account works

  • The business uses the account to pay for its employees/students/kindergarden children to travel.
  • Those entitled to use the business account can use the Kolumbus card when travelling at the business' expense.

The business pays by invoice

Businesses can have up to several hundred Kolumbus cards tied to the business accounts. The business decides itself the accounts normal balance and invoice limit.

Remember that each Kolumbus card costs NOK 50 when you acquire them.

Practical examples of use of normal balance and invoice limits:

If a business has set the normal balance to be 5 000 NOK and the invoice limit at 2 000 NOK, Kolumbus sends an invoice the the business accounts balance falls below 2 000 NOK. The amount on the invoice will then be the amount that remains for the balance to reach 5 000 NOK again.

Where can you use the business account

The Kolumbus cards which are tied to the business account can be used on all Kolumbus' buses and on boats and ferries that run Kolumbus routes.

Note: the business account and the HjemJobbHjem tickets are not the same. Read more about the HjemJobbHjem-ticket.

Termination of the business account

If you wish to terminate your business account, you can click here.

Last updated : 18.03.2019