Same ticket on bus and train

All Kolumbus tickets are valid on the train from 14 November. – It will be cheaper and easier to travel without your car, says Kolumbus CEO Odd Aksland.

If you are going from one part of Sandnes to Stavanger without your car before 14 November, you can take the bus to Ruten and train to Stavanger for 86 kroner using two different tickets. After 14 November the trip costs 35 kroner, and you only need one ticket. The train ride from Ganddal to Stavanger goes from 61 kroner to 35 kroner after 14 November.

The new deal on ticket cooperation with NSB is in line with the intention in the agreement between Kolumbus and the Norwegian Railway Directorate, which is to secure seamless travels with bus and local train in Rogaland.

– We are very pleased with securing this agreement now, in good time before the new operator on Jærbanen is in operaton, says Odd Aksland.

Until now, you could travel on both bus and train with certain period tickets. From 14 November you can travel on the bus and train in the relevant zones with all Kolumbus tickets, including the single, 24 hour and 7 day tickets.

Easier to combine means of travel
– Travelling by bus and train should feel like one. Two important elements in this are corresponding departures and joint ticket cooperation, Odd Aksland underlines.

Aksland is CEO of Kolumbus, the county owned company that has moved from a bus and boat company to a mobility provider for the promotion of all the options to the car.

– Many need to combine several means of travel if they are to replace the car on certain trips, and with one ticket for both the bus and train this will be easier from 14 November, adds Aksland.

Good cooperation
Kolumbus has cooperated with NSB for a long time. At the beginning, the youth ticket and a few other period tickets were also valid on the train when Kolumbus got a new electronic ticket system in 2006.

In 2016, a main effort was done in simplifying the ticket and zone structure, and all Kolumbus' period tickets were made valid on the train. On 14 November 2018, NSB and Kolumbus will enter full ticket cooperatoin on all ticket categories.

More passengers
– We have worked with Kolumbus for a long time to make travelling more seamless for Rogaland's inhabitants. The fact that all Kolumbus tickets are valid on the train will no doubt lead to more passengers, says regional director i NSB South, Rune Ophus, and continues:

– The fact that for instance the Kolumbus single ticket are now also valid on the local trains will make it cheaper and easier to jump on the train for those that do not travel much regularly. If you travel by bus and train, you also avoid the toll roads and you help the environment by reducing car traffic. This cooperation is an important contribution in that sense, Ophus ends.

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Last updated : 13.11.2018