New and better ticket app

Remember to download the new and improved ticket app!

Note that this is not an upgrade of the existing ticket app. The new app must be downloaded, and you can not transfer existing period tickets to the new app. Therefore, you must finish existing period tickets in the old ticket app.

Many exciting improvements
The new ticket app will provide features many of our users have requested:
• Offline viewing of the ticket
• Buy the ticket on your phone and send it to someone else
• Select yourself when the ticket is to be activated
• Pay with Vipps if you want
• Two click repurchase of previously purchased tickets

In addition, we are working on setting up new ticket readers in the buses. When these are in place by the summer of 2018, register the QR code from the app on the ticket reader instead of showing the ticket to the driver. You can therefore board the front and rear of the bus.

We've also made the app safer for you to use. Now, you do not need to log in with a phone number or email address, and the only thing that identifies you is an app ID. We have entered a PIN or fingerprints for the purchase of tickets of a certain sum and if you pay by card, you must provide BankID the first time you buy tickets more expensive than the 24-hour ticket.

What do you have to do?
Note that this is not an update to our existing app, but rather a new downloadable app:
• Visit Google Play or Appstore and search for the Kolumbus billettapp. Download new app.
• If you have money on your mobile account in existing ticket cards, you can be refunded by filling out a refund form here.
• If you have a period ticket purchased before November 1st in the existing app, you must keep it until the ticket has expired.
• If you are HjemJobbHjem user, you must enter a phone number after you download the new app.

What's missing in the new app?
• Boat tickets will not be available in the new ticket app. Keep in mind that you can pay on board boats, and you need to book a ticket at to ensure space on board the desired departure.
• You will not be able to pay with the Strex mobile service.
• The app will not be available for Windows Phone.
• Mobile account will not be found in the new ticket app. Anyone who has money on a mobile account in the old ticket app can spend them before swithing to the new app, or get them refunded by completing our refund form.

Last updated : 10.01.2018