Covid measures for public transport

The covid situation has led the authorities to introduce measures that affect you who travel with us.

Updated 10th December 2021

Here is what you need to know when travelling with public transport in Rogaland:

  • The health authorities set the rules. We will at any time follow their recommendations, and encourage all our travelers to do the same.
  • Use a face mask when on board. It is mandatory to use a face mask unless you can keep a distance of one metre. It is difficult to always keep a metres distance on board our means of transport, and we encourage everyone to use a face mask when on board.
  • Keep a distance to others at stops and on board.
  • Use the seats before standing close to others. There is less chance of contamination between two passengers sitting shoulder against shoulder than between two standing close to each other.
  • The front door is closed to protect the driver's health.
  • Pay before you travel, either with the ticket app, with the Kolumbus card or with our ticket machines.

Last updated : 16.12.2021