Ticket inspection and privacy policy

Here you will find information on how Kolumbus handles your customer information is you receive a penalty fee after a ticket inspection.

This is what we store

Customer information: This is contact data such as name, address, date of birth, time and date for ticket inspection, shown ID and the customer's explanation.

Legal basis

The handling of data is necessary to ensure Kolumbus' right to levy penality fees.We do not handle more data than necessary, and you can avoid being registered by either having a valid ticket upon inspection or paying the fee up front.


According to Kolumbus' terms of travel, passengers that cannot show a valid ticket have to pay a penalty fee. The purpose of the use of data is levying the penalty fees that are not paid up front upon inspection.

Access and use

The access to the customer information is limited and is only used for levying penalty fees. You information is not handed on to a third party unless we are ordered to do so by public authorities. Avarn Security handles ticket inspections for Kolumbus.

Storing and deleting

If you pay the penalty fee, your customer data is deleted after six months. In other instances, your data is stored for as long as the case is open. Cases involving misuse of names are deleted after a year.

You have the right to insight into and correction or deleting of data stored about you.

Last updated : 29.08.2022