Stiim app and privacy policy

To use Stiim, Kolumbus must collect and store some personal information about you.


The general purpose for the Stiim app is to encourage more people to travel greener and leave the car at home.

Kolumbus treats several personal data in the Stiim app in order to:

  • verify that you are employee in a HjemJobbHjem company
  • let you open a user profile
  • let you participate in competitions, groups and other acitivities in the app
  • store data so that you can continue using the app and not lose data if you switch phone or reinstall Stiim.

Anonymised statistics about the use of the app are gathered to improve the app in the start up phase. See more on statistics in the last paragraph.

Which personal data is treated

When you are using Stiim you must register your phone number. We check your phone number up against the HjemJobbHjem database to verify that you work for a HjemJobbHjem company. After verification, your profile will be set up in Stiim where we collect the following data about you from HjemJobbHjem:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Mobile phone number
  • The name of the company you work for
  • If you are responsible for HjemJobbHjem at your workplace

We also collect information about activities you register, membership in groups, pictures (optional), participation in competitions and potential Stiim roles (for instance responsible for HjemJobbHjem).

Actions you execute in the app will in certain instances be shared with others:

  • Activities will be visible for others in the group you are a member of. For instance, members can see that you have become a member of the group and your score is visible to others in the group.
  • Activities that are registered in a company group might be shown on a screen in the offices where you work.

Legal basis for treating personal data in Stiim

The legal basis for the treatment of your information named mentioned above is that these are necessary to fulfil the deal that you as a user of the app is part of (ref. GDPR article 6.1 letter b).

Access to your personal information

The access to you information is limited. We do not hand over information about you to a third party as long as we are not ordered to do so by the authorities. But we do share data with third parties/sub contractors.

As registered you have a number of rights related to the privacy policy. This includes the rights to seeing and correcting the personal data, data portability and deleting of data stored about you. Read more about your rights on the main page for privacy policy for Kolumbus' services.

Storing and deleting

Information you choose to share in the app is stored in our systems.

The information is stored as long as you have a Stiim account. You can choose to delete your profile whenever you want in the app. This is done under your profile by clicking "Delete user and all data". By deleting your user profile, all your personal data will be removed from Stiims server immediately.

By deleting your Stiim account, only data connected to Stiim will be deleted. The data we have collected from HjemJobbHjem will still be stored in the HjemJobbHjem system.

App accesses

For Stiim to perform successfully, Stiim needs access to certain functions on your phone. Some functions are also optional. You can choose to switch off these accesses, but certain functions in Stiim will then either not be available or not work as planned. Accesses can be switched off under your phone's settings.

Stiim needs the following accesses:

Internet: Connection to internet via data roaming or WiFi enables up and downloading of necessary data to use the app.

Stiim can use the following accesses:

Camera: this enables the app to use your camera to photograph what you wish to use as a profile picture, logo or group photo.

Pictures: this enables the app to collect photos that you wish to use as a profile picture, logo or group photo.

Notifications: this enables the app to send you push notifications if you want a friendly reminder to register acitivities in the app, as well as in the case of invitations to groups or competitions as well as finished competitions.


We wish to improve the app, and use Google Analytics to collect information about the use of the app. All data and use information is anonymised, and can not be connected to you as a person or user.

In the start up phase of the app, the use of Google Analytics to collect use data is obligatory because we need the data to improve the app. When the app is launched for all HjemJobbHjem companies, this will be optional.

Last updated : 20.09.2022