Privacy policy

Here you will find information on how and why we treat your personal data, which rights you have and how you can get to know which data we have about you.

You do not have to give us any personal information to travel with Kolumbus. You can travel anonymously if you wish. You can also choose to give us some information about you, which will provide you with some advantages. You will find more on this under each service further down this page.

What is personal information?

Personal information is data that can be tied to and identify you. Personal information may also be sensitive, such as for instance data about one's health condition. 

This is how we treat personal information

Maintaining privacy protection for our customers and partners is important for Kolumbus. All personal information you give to us, is safely stored and treated. The information is stored as long as is strictly necessary for us to handle your case or provide you with the service in question, and we do not store more than we need. How long we store the information is found under each service listed beneath.

Treating personal information is done under the privacy information law. We have in accordance with the rules developed internal routines for handling personal information. Here, the demand for information security and and internal control is met.

Purpose, types of data and legal basis

All treatment of personal data must have a legal basis. This means that Kolumbus, as data controller, must in advance identify if there is a treatment basis according to the general data protection regulation article 6 (and article 9).

Kolumbus primarily bases it's treatment of personal data on the following basis according to GDPR's article 6: consent from the registered (article 6.1 a), upholding agreements with the registered (article 6.1 b), execution of tasks of public interest or utilising public authority that is imposed on the data controller (article 6.1 e) or on the basis of Kolumbus' entitled interest (article 6.1 f).

Below we have added separate and more specific information for the different apps and services that treat personal data about our customers (and other external third parties). These include specific information about what personal data is treated, the purpose of the treatment and what legal basis that exist for this treatment.

Treatment of personal data in our apps and services:

Kolumbus Billett (ticket app)
Kolumbus Reise (travel planner)
Kolumbus app
Kolumbus card and My Page
Customer service (if you get in touch with us)
Ticket inspections
School transport
Campaigns and competitions
Boat booking
Bus booking
Stiim app

Data controller and receivers of information
Kolumbus (CEO Edith Kristin Nøkling) is the data controller for all your personal information when you travel with us and use our services. Bysykkelen AS is data controller for the treatment that is done for the city bike.

In the treatment of personal data, Kolumbus uses data controllers within the areas of IT support, It development, security services in ticket inspections, archive and research projects (anonymised data). Kolumbus has entered into data controller agreements with our suppliers to secure a safe treatment of the data according to regulations and our instructions. Kolumbus is data controller for the services where Bysykkelen AS is responsible for treatment and inquiries regarding rights can be directed to Kolumbus, that manages the reponsibility on behalf of Bysykkelen AS.

Most of the personal data is treated only in EU/EEA countries. Where information is transferred to a third country, Kolumbus will ensure that there are similar regulations regarding privacy protection as in Norway. Information about a potential storing outside EU/EEA can be found in the specific description of the different apps and services.

Your rights

Kolumbus has a data protection officer to ensure that the customers' rights are maintained.

According to the personal information act and GDPR, you have the right to:

  • withdrawing consents to treatment.
  • see all data stored about you.
  • demand the deletion or correction of data about you.
  • as for a limitation of the treatment of personal data if you for instance think they are wrong. In this case the personal data can be stored, but not be used for anything. This can be done until the data in question has been corrected or been confirmed as correct.
  • have your personal data transferred (on a machine readable format) to a new responsible for treatment if you for instance move out of Rogaland.

If you choose to delete your personal information, this might mean that we can not deliver additional services to you. Kolumbus handles your personal information according to the industry norm and the privacy information law.

Here you can request to have the data stored about in the Kolumbus app deleted.

Right to object

You have the right to object against the treatment of personal data where the legal basis for the treatment is execution of tasks in the public interest or utilising public authority that is imposed on the data controller (article 6.1 e) or on the basis of Kolumbus' entitled interest (article 6.1 e and f).

Request access

If you wish to gain access to the data stored about you, you have to send us a written request, either via e-mail or via our contact form. Due to the consideration for your privacy protection, the answer will be sent to your postal address.

What you can ask for

In addition to the registered information, you have the right to ask for the following:

  • The purpose of the treatment.
  • What type of personal data that is treated.
  • The receivers or the categories of receivers the information has been handed over to. If the receivers are outside the EEA or an international organisation, which garanties exist for the privacy protection?
  • Information on how long the company stores the information. If it is impossible to tell a final storage duration, what decides how long the information must be stored?
  • Information on what rights you have to ask for correction or deleting of personal information or limitation of the treatment of personal information regarding the registered, or to object against the mentioned treatment.
  • Information on where the personal data is collected from.
  • The occurrence of automated individual decisions. If this occurs; what logic is it based on, and what are the consequences for the registered?

Requests for access are to be answered without unreasonable delay and at the latest within a month.

Ask for access via contact form

Postal address if you wish to request access via mail:
Kolumbus AS
PO Box 270 Sentrum
4002 Stavanger

Asking questions or complaining
If you have question or wish to file a complaint concerning Kolumbus' handling of your personal data, you can contact Kolumbus' data protection officer. You can also send a complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

Contact Kolumbus' data protection officer at

Last updated : 10.06.2024