Travel guarantee

If you are delayed more than 20 minutes due to us not being on time, we refund your expenses for alternative transport up to 550 NOK.

Remember to contact us as soon as possible, and at the latest one month after the incident.

We want you to reach your destination in time. We therefore cover the expenses you have had for a taxi or other alternative transport with:

  1. up to 550 NOK if you become more than 20 minutes delayed on journeys that are supposed to take less than an hour.
  2. up to 825 NOK kr if you become more than 40 minutes delayed on journeys that are supposed to take 1-3 hours.
  3. up to 1 100 NOK if you become more than 60 minutes delayed on journeys that are supposed to take more than three hours.

If your journey was to take more than three hours, and the delay results in you not reaching your destination until the day after, we cover the expenses for accomodation. This must be settled with us beforehand.

Note: the calculation of the travel guarantee is based on the departure time in the timetable, and not real time departure time.

Failure of our transport offer could be:

  • delay
  • at least one minute early departure
  • cancellations
  • full bus (does not apply do boats, as you need to book to ensure a place on the desired departure)
  • wrong signage on bus/boat
  • wrong route information on the stop, in the travel planner or on the website


Please note that you must include on a transfer period of at least five minutes between arrival and departure if your intended journey includes transferring to a connecting route.

When does the travel guarantee not apply

We do not refund your travel expenses if you could have travelled with the next departure or another route, and reached your destination point with a less than 20 minute delay. If you are to transfer between routes, you must have included a minimum five minute transfer period.

The travel guarantee does not apply when events Kolumbus cannot control occur, such as extreme weathed conditions, accidents and road closures that stops buses, strikes and so on.

You will not be refunded in the event of planned roadworks and changes in traffic that are announced in advance or in the event of transfer journeys with transfer periods between arrival and departure of less than five minutes.

You will not be refunded for loss of earnings, toll road payments, studded tire fees or parking.

You will not be refunded if you check real time departures well ahead of your departure time and the bus then catches up on the time it was behind, resulting in the bus leaving before the time slot you first saw in the real time system. You are responsible for keeping yourself updated close up to the actual departure time.

The reund applies only to alternative transport means, and not to successive costs of the delay such as failing to attend a dentist appointment, business meeting or flight).

The travel guarantee does not apply to the city bike.

Apply here to have your transport expenses refunded.

Last updated : 03.04.2019