Terms for use of Kolumbus city bike

Kolumbus City Bike (Bysykkel) is developed and operated by Kolumbus AS. To use the city bikes, you must have a valid Kolumbus bus ticket in the Koumbus ticket app or be employed by a HjemJobbHjem company. The service works as described under kolumbus.no/sykkel. With this, you enter into an agreement with Kolumbus, which is subject to the following terms of purchase, use and privacy:

1. Purchase

1.1 You must enter a valid payment card and mobile number in the Kolumbus ticket app to rent a city bike.
1.2 You do not have the right of withdrawal and consent to that this agreement will be fulfilled by both parties so that the rules on the right of withdrawal in the case of selling of financial services do not apply. For more information, see the Act on disclosure and right of withdrawal in the case of remote sales and sale outside fixed premises (the right of withdrawal) (implementation of Directive 2011/83 / EU on consumer rights) (Chapter 1, ยง2).

2. Use

2.1 You are responsible for cycling carefully and abiding by traffic rules, and you are also personally liable if you injure yourself or any other persons damage when using the city bike. Only person is allowed on the bike at a time. Kolumbus encourages the use of a helmet.

2.2 You are personally responsible for the bicycle until you end the lease by returning the bicycle in a charging station or locking it outside a charging station. For this reason, you should not lend the city bike to others.

2.3 You are responsible for having enough battery on your mobile phone to be able to unlock the bike if you have locked it. If you lose your cell phone while locking your bike, this must be reported to our customer service centre.

2.4 The bicycles are continuously checked and repaired. However, you might find a defect bicycle in the charging station. You are responsible for ensuring that the bicycle is in a fully operational state before use. If you notice any major damage to the city bike you just borrowed, please contact the Kolumbus customer centre.

2.5 You can pick up a bicycle from a charging station as long as you have a valid ticket in Kolumbus' ticket app or are registered with a mobile number employed by a HjemJobbhjem company. From the time you pick up the bike, you can use it at no extra cost for one hour, regardless of how long the ticket is valid. After an hour it costs 1 NOK per minute to have the bike. You can have your bike for a maximum of twelve hours. You can also buy a monthly ticket for the city bike. This ticket also gives access to use of the bike one hour at a time, and after one hour it costs 1 NOK per minute.

2.6 The city bike shall not be used or transported outside Rogaland.

2.7 After use, return the city bike to one of Kolumbus's charging stations or lock it securely outside a charging station if the drive is full. If you leave your bike somewhere other than in one or close to a charging station, a fee of NOK 200 will be charged. To park the bike, insert the front wheel of the bike into the charging station. This has a small sensor that tells the system that the bike has returned. You get confirmation in the app on your phone, but feel free to make sure the bike is actually locked.

If the bike is not properly positioned in the charging station or locked when you leave it, you will be liable for damages if it is stolen. You must immediately report the theft to Kolumbus. You are also obliged to work with Kolumbus on completing the police report.

2.8 If the bicycle is lost, stolen or totally wrecked and thus not available to other customers, you will be liable for damages. The value of the bike is about NOK 25.000. After 14 days you will be charged NOK 10 000. We recommend that you contact the Kolumbus customer centre as soon as the accident is detected.

3. Resale

3.1 It is not allowed to resell the service.

4. Privacy

You can read more about the privacy of Kolumbus city cike here.

The terms apply from 3 February. 2020. Kolumbus is free to change the terms of purchase, use and privacy.
If you have any questions, please contact us at kolumbus.no, Facebook or by phone 51 92 52 00.
Have a nice trip!

Last updated : 29.06.2020