Bikes, pets and luggage

Rules for travelling with bikes, wheelchairs, hand luggage (20 kg) and dogs/cats.

If there is enough space on board, you are welcome to travel with:

  • Bikes: free on ferries, same prices and conditions for the single ticket for adults on buses

  • Wheelchairs, prams, hand luggage (20 kg) and dogs/cats: free.

If you are travelling with a dog/cat, we ask you to consider that there might be people allergic to animals nearby. Please use the seats reserved for people travelling with pets. On ferries, these seats are normally placed at the back of the lounge. Please be advised that the crew might show you and your dog to a suitable location either inside or outside on board our boats and ferries.

A foldable bike where the frame can be folded into a smaller size, is considered hand luggage. A normal bike will never be considered hand luggage, even if wheels and seat etc. is disassembled.

You are not guaranteed free space for a wheelchair or pram on board our buses. It's first come first serve, and due to the fact that our buses differ in size, you will not always be able to fit to wheelchairs or one wheelchair and one pram.

Safety first

Aisles must not be blocked, as this can cause problems in the event of accidents, fires or other emergencies. By law, we have to keep emergency exits clear, and we therefore ask for your understanding that space on board our means of transport is limited.

Remember to secure prams and wheelchairs by applying the brakes and by holding on to them or using the harnesses on board if necessary.

Last updated : 08.08.2019