School transport and privacy policy

If you have applied for school transport, we need certain personal information to deliver this service to you.

Kolumbus receives personal data about you from the local school offices or when you send us the information yourself when you apply for transport online. This information will also appear in the letter of acceptance.

This is what we handle
Customer service. This is contact data such as name, address and date of birth that identify you so you can get the transport you want. If you apply for transport for medical reasons, medical data will also be handled.

Travel information upon regular school transport: This is information for instance on which zone and stop you started your trip from, when you registered your travel card, what ticket type you used and your travel card number.
Information from the eight most recent registrations will be stored in you travel card.

Travel information upon special transport: This is information connected to place and time for picking you up.

Legal basis
The handling of data is necessary to be able to decide on the right to receive school transport according to the educational bill. We only handle the data we need to deliver the service, and you can choose to travel anonymously with Kolumbus at your own expense.

Kolumbus handles the information to decide on the right to receive school trasport according to the educational bill, and to follow up the service for pupils entitled to special transport.

Access and use
The access to personal information is limited and is only used to accept and administer school transport. Kolumbus might in addition contact you as a user to evaluate the service, and can in that instance use a third party to perform the evaluation.

Your information is not handed over to a third party unless we are ordered to do so by public authorities. But statistical data from the evaluation reports will be handed over to Rogaland county council. These data will be able to identify you. The information will be handed over to the complaints committee in relation to a complaint.

Storing and deleting
The personal information about you will be stored for five years after your right to receive school transport ceases. The reason is the reporting duty to Rogaland county council.

If your application for school transport is rejected, the data will be deleted after one month at the latest after the deadline for appeals, or within a month after the processing of a complaint is completed.

You have the right to insight into, correction or deletion of personal data stored about you.

Last updated : 09.10.2018