Kolumbus ticket app and privacy policy

When you use our ticket app Kolumbus Billett, you can travel anonymously. This is also true if you wish to store your bank card details for later use. The reason is that it is the payment service and not the app that holds your card details.

Kolumbus Billett satisfies therefore the requirements from the Norwegian Data Protection Authority and is in accordance with the industry norm for data protection and information security for electronic ticketing.

Kolumbus treats your personal information to give you for instance access to the HjemJobbHjem ticket or other special tickets.

Access and use
The access to information about you is limited. We do not hand out information about you to any third party as long as we are not imposed to do so by public authorities.

Storing and deleting
The information about you is stored for as long as you have agreed to storing.

If you add your e-mail address to receive receipts, this will only be stored locally in your app.

Everyone can choose to register their phone number in the app, and you will have to do so if you work in the HjemJobbHjem company and wish to buy a HjemJobbHjem ticket. The phone number will be stored along with your app-ID, and we at Kolumbus will be able to search for it. We use the phone number to verify whether or not you are entitled to buy a HjemJobbHjem ticket, and we can also use it to find your tickets in case of a problem. You can delete the phone number at any time. This will also delete the number in our systems.

For Kolumbus Billett to work fully, it needs certain accesses to functions on your phone. You can choose to turn off these functions, but be aware that the app will not work as intended wthout these accesses.

We wish to improve the app, and use Google Analytics to gather information about the use of Kolumbus Billett. This information is sent anonymised to us, and can not be tied to you as a single user. If you still do not want to share your user information, you can switch this off under "settings" in the app.

Last updated : 08.10.2018