Kolumbus card, My Page and privacy policy

Here you will find information on how Kolumbus treats your personal data when you use Kolumbus card and My Page.

All Kolumbus cards are unregistered to begin with, so you can travel anonymously. The exception is Kolumbus cards with personal tickets, where we treat necessary data to provide you with this service.

This is what we use
If you register your Kolumbus card in My Page, we treat the following information about you:

- Customer information. This is contact information such as name, address and Kolumbus card number.

Payment information (for ticket purchase on My Page) will not be treated by Kolumbus, but by the payment provider.

We only treat your privacy information if you have given your consent. You can withdraw this consent whenever you like. The customer information and travel information are stored in separate data bases, and there is limited access to this information.

The purpose of registering and treating your personal information is to provide you with the best possible customer service. We can also offer additional services:

If you lose or someone steals your Kolumbus card, the customer service centre, with the help of the information about you we have registered, transfer the remaining value to a new card.

Access to My Page
Kolumbus treats your personal information according to the demands in the branch norm in the Personal Data Act.

Access and use
The access to your customer information is limited. We do not hand out customer information to a third party as long as we are not ordered to do so by public authorities.

The information is used to be able to offer you the best customer service and additional services as described under "purpose".

Storing and deleting
Your customer information is stored as long as you have given your consent to it.

We need to store the information we need to be able to bill you for five years because of the accounting legislation. The access to this information is additionally limited.

If you withdraw your consent to storing
You can withdraw your consent to all use of personal information If you withdraw your consent to us using your information, Kolumbus will delete your customer information. If you have personal tickets, you will lose these if we delete your personal information. As long as you travel with impersonal tickets, you can still travel with the Kolumbus card even if you withdraw your consent to storing personal information, but you will lose access to additional services (listed under "purpose").

Last updated : 21.01.2019