Kolumbus city bike and privacy policy

The following terms apply to the storage and processing of personal data when renting Kolumbus city bikes (bysykkelen). By personal information is meant information that can be linked to you as an individual.

All registration and processing of personal data about you under the subscription terms is subject to the rules of the Personal Data Act.

Responsible for treatment: Kolumbus AS Jernbaneveien 9 4005 Stavanger.

According to the Personal Data Act, you are entitled to information about which information about you is registered and processed, as well as the right to correct and / or delete incorrect information. You also have the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time, but this can only be effected when the individual information is no longer necessary to carry out the contractual termination of the subscription relationship.

Kolumbus stores the phone number you enter in the ticket app. The information is used to contact you if necessary.
You must also have a location on in the ticket app. Location data is not stored by Kolumbus, and is used only to allow you to unlock bikes in the charging station you are standing by.

In addition, information on the time and place for lending and submitting a bicycle is recorded and stored according to the terms of use. This information is stored to the extent necessary to develop the service, except in cases where it is necessary to store it longer to follow up the loss of and or damage to the bicycle.

Your card information is stored by our payment provider PayEx.

Last updated : 29.01.2020