The city bike

In the course of the spring 2020, the first new city bikes will be launched in Rogaland. By the summer of 2020, 750 electrical city bikes will be available from over 1400 charging stations all across Rogaland.

See where the charging stations are and how many bikes are available in the map below. Note that there will be more charging stations later, and that there will not be any available bikes until 3 February.

On February 3, Kolumbus will lauch our brand new city bike. As long as you have a valid ticket in our ticket app, or you work in a HjemJobbHjem company, you can pick up a city bike from a charging station and use it for no extra cost for an hour.

This means we have to close down the exisiting city bike service from Monday January 20. From that date, you will not be able to use the existing bike any longer. If you have recently bought a subscription, you can contact our customer service through the contact form on the webpage.

Before you pick up a bike

As use of the city bike is included in the Kolumbus ticket and HjemJobbHjem, it is now the ticket app Kolumbus Billett you use to pick up a city bike. Now you get everything in one place and you avoid the hassle of extra apps and log ons to use the city bike. The Kolumbus card can not be used. If you have a valid ticket in the app, or you work in a HjemJobbHjem company adn you have registered a valid phone number, you will be able to pick up an available city bike from a charging station.

On the go

When you have picked up the bike, you can use it for one hour without extra cost. After the first hour, it will cost you 1 NOK per minute to use the bike. You can use it for a maximum of 12 hours.

Remember that you are responsible for cycling safely and according to traffic rules, and the bike is not to be used outside Rogaland.

If you have to leave the bike for a short while, you can lock it. This is done in the ticket app. Just make sure you have sufficient battery on your cell phone to unlock the bike again.

When you are finished

You return the bike to a charging station by pushing the front wheel into the station. The station has a small sensor that registers if the bike is returned correctly. You will recieve a confirmation in the ticket app that the bike is returned and the trip is finished, but it is a good idea to make sure that the bike is actually locked. If the charging station is full, you can return the bike without additional costs just next to the charging station.

If you have to return the bike far from a charging station, you can lock it and finish the trip in the ticket app. Note that this will result in an additional fee of NOK 200.

Something wrong?

If the bike should break or lost while you use it, you will be liable to pay for a replacement bike. Note that you are responsible for the bike from it is picked up from a charging station and until it is returned again. Therefore we advise you not to let others use the bike you have picked up.

Last updated : 23.01.2020