Old ticket app

Our old ticket app will exist for a while. We encourage everyone to download our new ticket app, but if you still have to use the old one, you'll find information about it here.

How do I start using the ticket app?
The app must have access to mobile data networks (GPRS, edge, 3G, 4G or wlan) to start. If the app does not start, make sure you have mobile data networks available. Follow the instructions in the app and fill in your information. This will only prompted the first time you start the app. If you find it cumbersome to enter the information on your mobile phone, you can register on PC / Mac via the mobile account management page. You use the same login information in both places.

How do I pay for the tickets?
You simply connect a bank card to the app. When you buy tickets, you have the choice to have your purchase withdrawn directly from this card each time, or if you want to fill up an amount on a mobile account. You can also pay the single tickets through your mobile subscription. If you pay with your mobile subscription, you can buy tickets for up to 300 kroner per purchase.

What terms apply to the tickets purchased in the app?
All tickets are activated immediately when you buy them. Validity for the single ticket is 60 minutes (+ 30 minutes for each zone) from the purchase of the ticket. A 24-hour ticket is valid for 24 hours from your purchase. The period tickets (7-, 30-, 365-day ticket, Combo ticket, Youth ticket, Period ticket boat) are valid until 24.00 the day they expire. We note that the purchase of boat tickets on mobile does not provide guaranteed / reserved space on board for purchase. Book a seat at bestilling.kolumbus.no with the check code from the mobile ticket to secure space on board. If you buy your ticket in the app, you will lose the on board fee of 20 kr for adults and 10 kr for children / honors / students / guardians in northern Jæren.

What is the cost of using the app?
The app itself is free, but you may be charged for data traffic by your telecom operator. The cost of data traffic depends on your mobile subscription. Once you've purchased a ticket and close the app by tapping the home button on your phone, the app does not require data traffic to display the ticket again, even if the app is running in the background. If the app is closed completely, it will need access to data traffic to resume.
What is mobile account?
The mobile account can be linked to more users. In this way, travelers who do not have their own bank cards, such as your children, can purchase a ticket by charging the mobile account that you handle.

You associate more users with your mobile account in the app itself, under Settings, or on the mobile account management page.

Can I refund my mobile ticket?
If you have transferred money to your mobile account in the belief that you have purchased Travel Money, we will refund the amount.

If you have purchased a ticket, but do not realize that the tickets in the app are activated immediately, we'll refund the amount if it's the first time this happens.

See our rules for refund and cancellation rights.

How can I share my tickets with others when I've purchased them via the app?
You can share all impersonal tickets with others. To lend someone a ticket you've purchased in the ticket app, you'll need to physically lend them your mobile phone.

What do I do if the ticket I purchased disappears from the app?
When connected to Wifi and you switch to mobile data, it will be a small time during which the app has no network. It will take some time for the app to reset the ticket. Close the app and open it again when you see that you are connected to mobile data, and the ticket will be loaded into the app, as long as there is coverage where you are.
If you have many open apps at the same time, these will occupy a lot of the network. When the network is distributed over all these different apps, it will of course be slower and the app will not be able to load the ticket. Close as many apps as you can, and the ticket app will work far better.
If you are using a bad network or are in an area with poor coverage, the app will have trouble loading the ticket. If there is bad coverage at the stop you use, you may want to open the app and find the ticket before you go there.

What are the conditions for traveling with both Kolumbus and Vy?
To purchase a transfer ticket from train to bus, you must show Vy's single ticket on mobile on the bus. Similarly, a single ticket from Kolumbus on mobile basis forms a purchase ticket for the train.

The 30- and 365-day ticket, Youth ticket and HjemJobbHjem tickets are shown on both trains and buses. Previously, it has been necessary to include paper receipt in addition to the above passports, but this is no longer necessary.

Otherwise, the terms and conditions apply for the use of the mobile ticket app.

How can I receive a receipt for the tickets I purchased in the app?
When you buy a ticket, you can choose to receive a receipt in the app. All you need to do is enter the email you want us to send the ticket to. You can also receive receipts by signing in to the mobile account management page.

Can I use my mobile account to pay for tickets on my physical Kolumbus card?
No, unfortunately, it is not possible. Mobile account must not be confused with Travel Money, which you can use to pay for tickets on your Kolumbus card. Travel Money can be bought in the online store, on board our boats and in our customer centres.

Why can I not receive a one-time password by SMS?
The one-time password is sent from 2470. If you do not receive your one-time password on text, your subscription may block messages from 2470. Then you can contact your mobile provider and have them open for this number.

Why can I not see the full history of my ticket purchases in the app?
The electronic ticketing industry standard, as follows, states that "travel information should be deleted after 104 days". Therefore, you will not be able to find information about ticket purchases made more than 104 days ago, either in the app or in the online customer logon. This is done for privacy reasons.

Which operating system do I need to use the app?
iOS (iPhone): Minimum iOS 6.1.
Android: Minimum 3.0 (Honeycomb).

I do not get promotional tickets in the menu. What can I do?
Check if you have the latest version of the app. On iPhone, you can check this in AppStore, and on Android phones, this is done in Google Play.

You must be logged in with the mobile number you have provided by the HJH contact in your company. You do not need to log out after using the app.
Sign in to the app. Close the app again and try restarting it.
When the app starts, it will download profile and tickets from the server, so it's important that you are online before starting the app. You can either use wifi or mobile networks, but if you move outside of the Wi-Fi network range, it's best if you stay connected to the mobile network when using the ticket.

Close all apps on the phone. Apps take up network resources, and with many running apps, the ticket app may not be able to access the resources it needs to get online. This is especially relevant for iPhone. To close all apps on iPhone, tap the home button at the bottom of the phone twice quickly and swipe up the ticket app. On Android, touch the symbol to the left of the home button at the bottom of the phone and look at the intersection of the app.
Close the ticket app. Put the phone in flight mode and back again. This will reset all network connections. Then try restarting the app.

Campaign tickets are available for HjemJobbHjem users.

Terms of purchase with the Kolumbus Ticket app

Travelers must ensure that they have valid travel documents throughout their journey. This implies the following:

The ticket must be purchased in the app before boarding.
The single ticket is valid for 60 minutes from your purchase. For each zone limit you cross, the ticket is valid for 30 minutes extra.
All Kolumbus tickets, except for the single ticket, are valid for the number of days the ticket is valid from, from the time you buy it. For example, do you buy a 24-hour ticket at 14:00 on Tuesday, the ticket is valid until 14.00 on Wednesday. If you buy a 30-day ticket at. 15.30, it is valid until kl. 15.30 on the day the ticket expires.
Travelers with a mobile ticket are to board the bus at the front door and show the ticket to the driver. On the boat the mobile ticket is shown to the crew and on the train the ticket is shown to the ticket inspector.
The mobile phone's battery must be sufficiently charged to last the entire journey so that the ticket can be displayed by ticket check.
If you have purchased a ticket to others with your mobile, you are the one who has the ticket. Your mobile must therefore be available for your journey throughout the journey.
The ticket is linked to your user and can not be sent to another person or application.
If you change your phone, you can sign in with your existing user in the ticket app on the new phone, and transfer your tickets from your old phone. You can only move the same ticket three times.
If you are traveling with discounted tickets (honors / children / students), you must be able to display valid identification and documentation for discount requirements.
Purchase and use of the mobile ticket requires the use of wireless data networks (Wi-Fi) or mobile data networks (GPRS / Edge / 3G / 4G). Failure to access data networks will prevent tickets from being purchased with the app.
The customer is responsible for keeping up to date on which ticket types can be purchased in the app. Information about ticket types and prices can be found under "Info and Prices" in the app.
The agreement gives Kolumbus the right to charge the customer's mobile account, debit card or mobile subscription for the sum of the products purchased in the app.

Card Security

All payments made using bank cards (VISA / Mastercard) are processed by our chosen payment service provider, Nets. Nets securely stores all card information according to the card companies guidelines. No information related to the payment card is stored in the app or at Kolumbus.

Refund of value in Mobile account

For the refund of value on the Mobile account, the customer must provide valid credentials to confirm that he / she is a legal owner of the Mobile Account.

In the event of a payment, no payment can be made in cash over counter at our customer centres. The customer can only get refunded amount to account where the transaction was originally completed or another bank account. In all cases, a refund form must be filled out by a customer.

Agreement duration

The agreement between Kolumbus and the customer is valid from the time the customer accepts the terms of use.

The customer is entitled at any time to terminate the agreement by using the contact form on our website.

Kolumbus can terminate the agreement with the customer with prior written notice if Kolumbus no longer offers the product or changes the product significantly. If Kolumbus terminates the agreement, the residual value of the mobile account will be refunded.


The processing of personal data is regulated in Norway in its own law, the Act on the processing of personal data of 14 April 2000 No. 31 and its corresponding regulations. This regulation sets out requirements for processing personal data, and protects the individual against the violation of privacy through the processing of personal data.

Use of requisition

From 1 July 2016, no requisition is valid as payment method.

Last updated : 16.10.2019