Ticket app: Kolumbus Billett

By using the app Kolumbus Billett, you can pay your Kolumbus ticket with your smartphone.

1) Download and get started

Kolumbus Billett is available for iPhones,  Androids and Windows Phones.

Once you have downloaded the app, you register a user by entering your mobile phone number. Under "Settings" you choose your wanted payment method - using a credit card, a mobile account or your phone tab (Norwegian subscriptions only).

In addition to doing this in the app, you may administrate your Kolumbus Billett account online.

2) Buy your ticket

You can buy the following tickets with the app:

If you pay your tickets in the app, you avoid the extra fee which is added in the zone Nord-Jæren when paying your tickets on board.

3) Catch the bus, ferry or train

You can travel immediately after you have purchased your ticket in the app. Show your mobile ticket to the bus driver or staff on board the ferry or train.


There are three ways in which you can pay:

  • With a mobile account, which you top up using a VISA/MasterCard.

  • With a bank card (VISA/MasterCard)

  • Mobile subscription (single tickets).

Multiple users can use the same mobile account and pay for the tickets via the same account. You can top up directly in the app using a VISA/MasterCard or via www.kolumbus.no. The mobile account must not be mistaken for being Travel money, which is an amount you can top up on your Kolumbus card.

In order for your payments to be executed with the same bankcard every time you top up, you only need to fill in the card information the very first time you use the app.
The information will not be saved in the app or by Kolumbus. Nets, our chosen provider of the payment service, will save the card information according to the card company’s guidelines.

If you have Norwegian mobile subscription, you can buy single bus tickets for a maximum amount of NOK 300.


More information

Do you have any questions? See the frequently asked questions about the ticket app Kolumbus Billett.

More information about the rules and conditions for buying tickets in the mobile app.

Last updated : 01.01.2016