How do I travel with my bike on board?

You are welcome to bring your bicycle on board our buses, trains and boats, but there are a few things worth noticing concerning price and safety on board.

Bus and train: It is free to take any bike that you easily carry under your arm on board the bus, whether it is a collapsable bike or kick bike, or a small kick bike. You will have to buy a bicycle ticket (same price and terms as for a single ticket for children) for a normal bike, a large kick bike or a self balancing scooter.

All types of bikes are free of charge on board our boats and ferries.

Remember to ensure free passage through he aisle for other co-travellers when you bring your bike on board. This is essential for the safety of passengers on board. On board the train, the conductor could tell you to wait for the next departure due to lack of space on board.

Last updated : 07.01.2022