The Kolumbus app

Our real-time app tells you precisely when the bus leaves the bus stop.

The real-time system receives data from sensors at the buses and continously calculates how long it will take for the buses to arrive at the different bus stops along the route. The real-time app presents these calculations directly to your phone, computer or tablet.


What is it and how does it work?

You can use the real-time system in many different ways. You may download the app to your phone, you can find real-time information on your computer and you can find real-time information on screens at selected bus stops in Rogaland. Real-time information is also presented on our buses.


What you can do with the app on your phone:

  •  You can find bus stops in the nearby area. You may also find a list over the bus stops you last checked out, and do a search in a list containing all bus stops.
  •  A map shows all bus stops, and you can easily find a bus stop near you.
  • You can save your most used bus stops as favourites, so that you easily can find real-time information the next time you travel.



  • If it says ”ca” in front of the time of departure, the real-time system does not have contact with the bus, and the departure time is therefore the scheduled time shown in the timetable.   
  • If it says "nå”, the bus will arrive at the bus stop within one minute.


Real-time on your computer

If you always travel from the same stops, you can install your own real-time screens i.e. in the reception at work, on your desk or on your kitchen counter. Here you can choose which bus stops you want to receive real-information from.


Real-time at the bus stop

At the most used bus stops in Rogaland, you find screens showing real-time information about the passing routes. There is also a button placed next to the screen. If you press this, the next departures will be read out loud.


Real-time aboard the bus

Aboard the bus you will find a screen showing real-time information. In addition, the names of the bus stops will be called over a speaker throughout the route.


Available in App Store and Google Play

Last updated : 01.02.2024