Kolumbus Card and Travel Money

The Kolumbus Card is a plastic card which you can top up with tickets or Travel Money. You can use the Kolumbus Card on buses, ferries and trains.


  1. Order the Kolumbus Card.
  2. Receive the card in the mail after one week.
  3. Top up your card.
  4. Validate the card on board the bus, ferry or train.

How to buy the Kolumbus Card

Buy it
• at our customer service centres.
• on board our buses and boats.
• at Entur at Stavanger train station
• at Narvesen kiosks (Kilden, Solakrossen, Ruten, Nærbø, Egersund and Haraldsgata in Haugesund)
• at Mix Varhaug, or
• order it online.

The card costs NOK 50.

In order to buy personal tickets, you need a Kolumbus Card with your name and date of birth on. You may buy these cards online or at our customer service centres.

Order a Kolumbus Card

How to use the Kolumbus Card

The Kolumbus Card can be topped up with tickets or Travel Money. If you top up both tickets and Travel Money to the same card, it is always the ticket which is registered when you validate the card on board.

Topping up your card with tickets

You can top up your card with period tickets online, at a customer service centre, at Entur at Stavanger train station, at Narvesen kiosk at Kilden, Solakrossen, Ruten, Nærbø, Egersund and Haraldsgata in Haugesund, at Mix Varhaug, at a ticket machine or on board. When topping up your card by cash on board the bus at Nord-Jæren, extra NOK 20 for adults and NOK 10 for children/seniors/students/conscripts are added to your ticket.

Paying with Travel Money

With Travel Money you pay as you go, and you do not need to bring cash when traveling.

You top up a chosen amount of Travel Money to your Kolumbus Card online, at a customer service centre, at ticket machines or on board our express ferries. You can not top up Travel Money on your Kolumbus card on board the buses.

When paying your ticket with Travel Money, you avoid the extra fee which is added to your ticket when paying by cash on board the bus.

If you register a specific travel distance, you can validate your card by yourself when you board the bus, and you do not have to adress the driver.

When travelling with other routes than your registered travel distance, you have to adress the driver when boarding the bus. Our customer consultants at our customer service centres can help you register your travel distance. If you buy a single ticket with Travel Money and you have to change bus, you will not be charged a new ticket when reading your card on the next bus (as long as you are within your ticket's time frame and zone).

You can travel on Go-Ahead's trains using Travel Money. Buy your ticket with Travel Money on board the train. Note that you will have to pay the extra on board fee if you pay by Travel Money on board the train.

Travel Money discount when traveling with ferries

You recieve a 17 percent discount on adult single tickets and a 50 percent discount for cars when paying with Travel Money at the Vassøy ferry, the combi boat to Lysefjorden and the boat to Utsira. There is no Travel Money discount for journeys made with bus.

Lost or stolen Kolumbus Card?

If you have registered your Kolumbus Card in MyPage, you can block your card from there. You can also contact the customer service centre on phone (+47) 51 92 52 00 for help.

In order to transfer a remaining amount from a blocked card to another card, you need to drop by a customer service centre and show valid ID.

See our rules and conditions.

Questions? See our FAQ about the Kolumbus Card

Last updated : 23.09.2022