Children, students, seniors and conscripts receive a 50 percent discount on all of our bus tickets, except the Combi ticket.

After 5 pm on weekdays and all weekends and holidays, you can bring up to one extra adult and three children on one adult ticket.

Bus, boat and local train: Children under six years old travel free of charge. Children aged between 6 and 17 pay child fares.

Student discount is given to:

  • Pupils at upper secondary schools (up to 25 years old)
  • Adults from 25 years of age (no upper age limit) receiving upper secondary education according to the following law
  • Norwegians studying abroad under 32 years of age
  • Foreign students under 32 years of age studying "Norsk med samfunnsfag" or the introduction programme for refugees.
  • Students aged from 18 up to the month they turn 32 receive a student discount, as long as they are enrolled at Norwegian universities, officially approved colleges, vocational schools and equivalent educational institutions.

Tickets with student discount are transferable and can be shared with others. Everyone travelling with tickets with student discount must be able to show a valid student ID. The degree/study program must last at least three months and make up for 30 study points or more per term.  Students enrolled in correspondence schools, short-term evening courses, agency schools, student teachers and working adults do not receive a student discount.

Student who has paid the semester fee for the spring semester has valid student ID until the end of August. The autumn semester is valid until the end of January.

For students under the age of 23, we recommend the Youth ticket.

Seniors aged 67 and upwards receive a discount, as do people with disabilities who can show a special card issued by NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration). Spouses and registered partners of people eligible for these discounts also receive the discount.

Personal assistants of people with disabilities can travel for free on both buses and local trains by showing valid proof of their position issued by the local authority/Norwegian Central Team for the Deaf-Blind.

When travelling by bus or boat, you pay the price of a child ticket for each single ticket for adults when groups consisting of 12 people or more travel together.


Group tickets for boats must be ordered at least 12 hours before departure from the route's starting point via

Passengers currently on military or civilian national initial military service receive a 50 percent discount on bus and express ferry tickets. You must be able to show a valid FD-ID card.

You can top up your Kolumbus Card with Travel Money and pay as you go. You will then save time by not buying your ticket on board, and at Nord-Jæren you will avoid the extra fee which is added if you pay your tickets on board the bus. The 25 percent discount, which used to be given on adult single bus tickets, is no longer given. 

On Kolumbus' ferries you receive a 17 percent discount when paying with Travel Money. Some of Kolumbus' departures are, however, run by means of transport which do not have a ticket validator. On these departures you can therefore not pay electronically with Travel Money. You are still entitled to the 17 percent discount, so if you keep your receipt, we can refund the discount.

If you have a Kolumbus ticket, you get the discount equivalent of a single ticket for one zone when travelling with the Airport express bus. If you are an adult, you receive a discount of NOK 45, and if you are a child, student, senior or conscript, you get a NOK 23 discount.

If you travel with the Airport express bus from the airport and want to travel further on a Kolumbus bus, you can travel for free on Kolumbus buses for 90 minutes from the time the Airport express bus ticket was bought.

If you have one of the following tickets valid for minimum two zones (where one is Haugalandet), you pay the following discounted price on journeys between Stavanger and Haugesund with Kystbussen:

  • Youth ticket: NOK 75
  • 30 day ticket for adults: NOK 100
  • 365 day ticket for adults: NOK 100
  • HjemJobbHjem ticket: NOK 100

Everyone traveling with discounted tickets, must be able to show valid ID which confirms that they are entitled to a discount.

Last updated : 24.09.2021