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Period ticket for ferries, Combi ticket and HjemJobbHjem ticket.

Period ticket for ferries

Prices express ferries

Prices ferries

  • Utsira: NOK 1335 adult, NOK 670 child/senior.

How to buy the Period ticket for ferries

  • On ticket machines
  • On board the ferries
  • At our customer service centres

The Period ticket's qualities

  • This pass allows unlimited travel for 30 days on a predetermined express ferry route. The ticket is valid until 11.59 pm the day it expires. Prices depend on which quays you travel between.
  • The Period ticket for ferries is a transferable ticket which can be shared with others.
  • The ticket cannot be used on the night ferries, as that is a service offeres by the munciplaity of Stavanger, not Kolumbus.

If you have your ticket on a Kolumbus card, please remember to bring a valid receipt (with expiry date).


Combi ticket


The Combi ticket costs NOK 2 150 for everyone.

How to buy the Combi ticket

  • In the app Kolumbus Billett
  • Online
  • On ticket machines
  • On board the buses, trains and ferries (it costs NOK 20 extra for adults and NOK 10 extra for students/conscripts when buying the ticket on board the bus and train)
  • At our customer service centres

The Combi ticket's qualities

  • Valid for 30 days for an unlimited number of journeys with the trains within Nord-Jæren, bus on Nord-Jæren and in Ryfylke, and the express ferries between Stavanger-Finnøy, Kvitsøy-Mekjarvik-Stavanger and Stavanger-Byøyene-Hommersåk (except the night sailings).
  • Valid for thirty days from the moment of purchase. The day your ticket expires, it expires at the same time as the moment of purchase thirty days earlier.
  • Also valid on the "commuter bus" between Strand and Forus via Oanes/Lauvvik.
  • The Combi ticket is transferable and can be shared with others.

Bicycle ticket

On board the bus, you can bring your bike free of charge as long as the bike or kick bike is collapsible or it is a small kick bike that you can easily bring under your arm. For a regular bike, a large kick bike or a self balancing scooter you will need to buy an extra bicycle ticket for the same price as for children/seniors.

You can bring all types of bikes free of charge on board our boats and ferries.

HjemJobbHjem ticket

The HjemJobbHjem ticket costs NOK 515 for one zone (Nord-Jæren), NOK 815 for travels between two zones and 1115 for more than three zones.

The ticket, which can be used on bus, train and express ferries to Byøyene/Hommersåk (except the night sailings) as well as the Vassøy ferry and electrical bikes, is offered in the app Kolumbus Billett to emplyees in companies which have signed a HjemJobbHjem contract. Note that the HjemJobbHjem ticket can not be shared with othes, and unlike the 30-day ticket you can not bring others with you in weekends or after 17 on weekdays. All you need to know about HjemJobbHjem (Norwegian only).

The ticket is valid for thirty days from the moment of activation in the ticket app. The day your ticket expires, it expires at the same time as the moment of activation thirty days earlier.

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