Non-transferable and transferable tickets

Transferable tickets can be shared with others, while non-transferable tickets can only be used by you.

Transferable tickets

All of our bus tickets, except the special tickets HjemJobbHjem and the School ticket, are transferable tickets which can be shared with others. Those who use the tickets must fullfill the requirements of the ticket. If you for instance borrow a ticket bought with a student discount, the person borrowing the ticket must be a student entitled to a discount.

If you intend to only buy transferable tickets, you may buy a Kolumbus Card without your name and date of birth on it. You can buy this online, at our customer service centres or on board. Remember to take care of  your card number, so that we can recreate your card if you lose it.

Non-transferable tickets

If you travel with non-transferable tickets (School ticket, HjemJobbHjem ticket or a single ticket ferry), it cannot be shared with others, and you must be able to show valid ID in the event of inspections.

If you choose to top up your Kolumbus Card with non-transferable tickets, you need a Kolumbus Card with your name and date of birth on it.

Last updated : 04.01.2019