Short-term Passes

Short-term Passes are a good alternative if you intend to travel by bus or boat for a limited period.

One day NOK 85 Buy

The Short-term passes are valid on all green Kolumbus buses and the express ferries to Byøyene/Hommersåk.

The passes are activated when you validate them, and they are valid to 24.00 on their last day of use.

On the express route E90, the passes may only be used between Stavanger-Ålgård and Vikeså-Hauge i Dalane.

Prices for different periods

1 Day Pass:

  • Adult: NOK 85
  • Child/senior: NOK 43

3 Day Pass:

  • Adult: NOK 145
  • No child/senior discount.

7 Day Pass:

  • Adult: NOK 275
  • No child/senior discount

14 Day Pass:

  • Adult: NOK 500
  • No child/senior discount

Where can I buy the Short-term passes?