30-day ticket

Travel as much as you want on buses, express ferries to Byøyene/Hommersåk, the Vassøy ferry and trains.

How to buy a 30-day ticket

  • In the ticket app Kolumbus Billett
  • Online
  • With Travel Money
  • In Entur's mobile app
  • In Vy's ticket app
  • At ticket machines
  • At our customer service centres
  • With cash on board. It costs NOK 20 extra for adults and NOK 10 extra for students/conscripts when buying the ticket on board the bus, train or boat from the driver/crew.


1 zone:

Adult: NOK 600

Child/senior/student/conscript: NOK 300

2 zones:

Adult: NOK 1 000

Child/senior/student/conscript: NOK 500

3-5 zones:

Adult: NOK 1 400

Child/senior/student/conscript: NOK 700

See the zone map here.

Read more about discounted tickets and required valid ID here. 

This is the 30-day ticket

  • Valid for thirty days from the moment of purchase. The day your ticket expires, it expires at the same time as the moment of purchase thirty days earlier.
  • Can be used on Kolumbus' buses, the express ferry to Byøyene/Hommersåk (not the night sailings), the Vassøy ferry and on all local and regional trains within the zone(s) you have paid for.
  • A 30-day ticket is a transferable ticket which can be shared with others.
  • A 30-day ticket can be used on buses and trains 24/7.
  • On weekends, public holidays and between 5 pm and midnight on weekdays, up to two adults and three children can travel together with the bus and the train using the same ticket (only accountable for 30-day tickets that are sold to adult price). This does not apply to the zones Haugesund or Egersund.
  • Valid on Kystbussen between Stavanger and Haugesund for an extra fee (only mobile app ticket).

Activation of tickets on a Kolumbus card

Remember to activate your Kolumbus card ticket on a Kolumbus ticket reader before you use it the first time. You can do this on board our buses and boats. If you travel with other transport means, such as the train, you need to validate the ticket before you board the train.

Other Tickets

  • Single tickets

    • Bus
    • Train

    Adult: from NOK 40

  • Youth ticket

    • Bus
    • Ferry
    • Train

    NOK 299

  • Single ferry tickets

    • Ferry

    The price depends on the boat

  • 24-hour ticket

    • Bus
    • Ferry
    • Train

    Adult: from NOK 60

  • 7-day ticket

    • Bus
    • Ferry
    • Train

    Adult: from NOK 290

  • 365-day ticket

    • Bus
    • Ferry
    • Train

    Adult: from NOK 6 000

  • Other tickets

    • Bus
    • Ferry
    • Train

    The price depends on means of travel

  • Free travel

    • Bus
    • Ferry
    • Train

    NOK 0