Free school transport

The county council has a duty to organise free school transport or provide transport allowances for pupils who live far from school. Kolumbus AS is responsible for school transport in Rogaland.

Transport is provided using both ordinary scheduled services and dedicated school buses (marked SK).

Applying for school transport?

All applications for school transport and special transport must be submitted via your school.

School Pass

A School Pass is valid for one journey to/from school per day between the following times:

  • Primary and lower secondary schools - 06.00-17.00.

  • Upper secondary schools - 05.00-22.00.

Passes are not valid on days schools are closed, during holidays or for recreational activities.

Passes are non-transferable and must only be used by the person to whom they have been issued.

If you are travelling by train or ferry you must bring the receipt for your pass. These means of transport do not have Kolumbus validators on board and your receipt proves whether or not your school pass is valid. If your old receipt is worn out, you can get a new printed receipt on board Kolumbus' buses and express ferries, as well as from a customer centre.

Note that the school pass cannot be used as a ticket on the ferry between Stavanger and Tau.

Forgotten or lost your School Pass?

If you forget your School Pass you can still take the school transport to school, but you must get a temporary travel pass from the school for your journey home.

You will also receive a temporary travel pass while your application is being processed by Kolumbus and if you have to order a new pass.

Take care of your School Pass

The School Pass you will receive is an ordinary Kolumbus Card which can be used for all of our products.

Please note that a fee may be charged for a new pass if you deliberately destroy your free one or lose it due to negligence. Misuse of the pass or travelling without a ticket may result in a fine.

Questions or complaints?

If you have any questions, please contact Kolumbus' technical manager for school transport Øystein Nybø on (+47) 51 92 52 00.

Any appeals against decisions are decided by the County Governor of Rogaland.

Last updated : 21.06.2017