Timetables for the combi- and express ferries to Ryfylke.

Check www.norled.no or our travel planner for car ferry timetables.

Ferry route map (PDF)



Stavanger - Ryfylke express ferry (PDF)

Stavanger - Hjelmeland express ferry (PDF)

Stavanger - Lysebotn combi ferry (PDF, Norwegian, English)

Stavanger - Fisterøyene - Judaberg combi ferry (PDF)
Book vehicle passage: (+47) 916 52 800.



Express ferries

All passengers should book tickets or reserve passage via bestilling.kolumbus.no to secure their passage on board. Save 25% on an adult single ticket by using our online solution. This applies to all express ferry departures in Ryfylke.

Combi ferries

Passage must be booked for all vehicles on combi ferries to Lysefjorden/Fisterøyene since MS Lysefjord has limited capacity. Book your passage at bestilling.kolumbus.no.

Ports are only visited on the Stavanger – Fisterøyene – Judaberg route if ferries are going to pick up or unload goods/passengers at the port. The order in which ports are called at, and when, depends on the cargo and passengers and may deviate from the route's timetable. All port calls for the ferry must be booked by calling (+47) 916 52 800 before the ferry departs from Stavanger at 09.15.

From October-April, you may book your ticktes to Lysefjorden online or at our customer service centres up until one hour before departure. From May-September, the tickets may be booked up until two hours before departure. After this, you have to buy your tickets when boarding. Pre-booked tickets must be shown to a member of the crew 10 minutes before departure.

Last updated : 08.01.2020