Welcome to Kolumbus

Are you considering the bus as an alternative to the car? Here are some useful tips for your journey. Have a nice trip!

How to buy tickets

When you travel with Kolumbus, you can buy your ticket in the ticket app Kolumbus billett, place it on a Kolumbus card or pay for it with a bank card or with cash as ticket machines or in one of our customer service points. You can also pay by cash on board, but remember that in Nord-Jæren you have to pay an on board fee if you pay by cash on board.

Popular ticket app

An increasing amount of tickets are bought in the app Kolumbus billett. Here, your ticket will be ready from the moment you purchase it. You can pay by bank card or Vipps, and you travel anonymously. You can show the ticket in offline mode, and you can send tickets to others.

If you travel regularly by train, your easiest option is the ticket app. Then you will not have to validate your Kolumbus card on board a bus or at a customer service point before you board the train.

Tickets that suits you

We have tickets suited for different needs. Here you can get single tickets and 24 hour tickets, youth tickets and 30- and 365 day tickets. The 365 day ticket costs the same as ten 30 day tickets, meaning you get two months worth of free travel.

If you are a child, student, elderly or conscript, you get half price on all our bus tickets. Here is an overview of all the tickets Kolumbus offers.

Find your route easily

To plan your trip, we recommend you to check out our travel planner here on the website or in the travel app. You can also check the bus timetables online.

If you need to find your bus stop, check out Google maps for a good bus stop map.

All that is left is to give a clear signal with your arm when the bus arrives, and push the stop button well ahead of the stop you want to disembark at. Have a nice trip!

Last updated : 27.07.2020