Ticket changes in 2018

The upper age limit for the youth ticket increases from 20 to 22 years, and the price for most of our period tickets are adjusted. Read more about the fare changes for 2018 here.

The county council has decided that the following fare changes shall take place from 1 January 2018:

  • The youth ticket's upper age limit increases from 20 to 22 years. The price of 299 kroner remains unchanged
  • The price of the single ticket and the 24 hour ticket remains unchanged
  • The zone and on board addtions remain unchanged
  • The price for the 7 day ticket increases by ten kroner (280) for adults and five kroner for children (140)
  • The price for the 30 day ticket increases by 20 kroner for adults (720) and 10 kroner for children (360)
  • The price for the 365 day ticket increases by 200 kroner for adults (7 200) and 100 kroner for children (3 600)
  • The price for the combi ticket increases by 50 kroner (2 100)
  • The price for the HjemJobbHjem ticket increases by 15 kroner (515)
  • The 30 day ticket for local zone in Haugesund is removed
  • The prices for the express ferries increase by three per cent

Last updated : 06.02.2018