Shutting down the old ticket app

On 31 August, the old ticket app will stop working. From now and throughout the summer, the app will be gradually stripped of functionality.

In November last year, Kolumbus lauched our new ticket app, with the possibility of sending tickets to a friend and showing your ticket in offline mode. Simultaneously, we kept the old app existing side by side with the new to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The new ticket app is available for iOS and Android.

The shutting down of the old ticket app is getting closer, and the following functions will be removed from the app in the following months:

  • 16 May: the possibility to buy 365 day tickets was removed
  • 30 June: the option to refill mobile account was removed
  • 31 July: no longer possible to buy 30 day ticket
  • 1 August: the app is removed from Google Play and App Store
  • 24 August: no longer possible to buy 7 day tickets
  • 31 August: the app is shut down

Last updated : 02.07.2018