Real time map

Our real time map shows you where the buses are at any time.

The map makes it easier for you to know where the bus actually is and when it arrives at your stop. The dots that represent each bus follow the movement of the actual bus. Hence you no longer need to wonder if the bus is just around the corner or farther away.

You’ll find all our buses in Rogaland in the map.

Created with open data
We have, together with Geta, developed the map since the spring of 2016. The map uses open real time data, which can be used by anyone. You’ll find open real time data here.

The buses are tracked using GPS
As soon as a bus starts its engine, it shows up in the map. When the driver switches on the real time system on board, the bus’ number pops up in the map. The bus is then tracked with a GPS device located on board every bus.

Last updated : 25.08.2017