All of our tickets can now be purchased in our app

It is now possible to buy all of our tickets with a smartphone, due to the latest upgrade of our app Kolumbus Billett.

This is new

Before the upgrade, it was possible to buy single bus tickets, Short-term Passes, Flexi Pass, Combi Pass, night bus tickets and tickets for your bicycle in the app. In addition to these tickets, you can now buy the following tickets with your smartphone:

  • Student Pass

  • Youth Pass

  • Period Pass bus/train

  • Period Pass ferries

  • Single ferry tickets

The only tickets that are not available in the app, are Travel Money, single tickets for people serving in the military and the special tickets for route E90.

Seamless travel

Kolumbus’ Student Pass, Youth Pass and Period Pass bus/train can be used on NSB trains, in addition to on Kolumbus buses. If you have purchased one of these tickets in the app, you do not need to bring the paper receipt when travelling by train, like you need to if you top up the ticket on your Kolumbus Card.

If you buy a single bus ticket in the app, you can show the valid ticket on the train and buy the discounted transfer ticket for the train. If you buy a single train ticket in NSB’s app, you can show the valid ticket on the bus and buy the discounted transfer ticket for the bus.

One of the first in Norway

Rogaland is one of the first counties in Norway where you can travel with the same mobile ticket on both buses and trains.

The app Kolumbus Billett was launched in September 2013. So far, 210.000 tickets have been sold in the app.

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Last updated : 02.11.2016