Kolumbus introduces better tickets and fewer zones

From 1st January 2016 it will become easier and cheaper to travel by bus and train in Rogaland.

Cheaper tickets

The tickets become cheaper for the majority. Even though the price for a single ticket increases from 32 NOK to 33 NOK, most journeys become cheaper as a result of you not having to cross several zones. A single ticket from Stavanger to Sandnes will cost 33 NOK and not 50 NOK, like it does today. For some customers, however, the tickets will become more expensive.

Children, students, seniors and others who are entitled to a discount, receive a 50 per cent discount on all bus tickets, except the Youth Pass (which will be renamed to Youth ticket) and Combi Pass (which will be renamed to Combi ticket). This results in the Student Pass not being offered anymore, but the 30-days tickets will become cheaper than today’s Student Pass.

Prices on the new tickets
7 daysYouth
30 days365 daysCombi
1 zone 33 kr 85 kr 260 kr 350 kr 700 kr 7 000 kr 2 000 kr
2 zones 53 kr 135 kr 400 kr 350 kr 1 100 kr 11 000 kr 2 000 kr
3–5 zones 73 kr 185 kr 500 kr 350 kr 1 500 kr 15 000 kr  
Valid on:  Bus Bus Bus  Bus+train+ferry  Bus+train+ferry  Bus+train+ferry  Bus+ferry


Fewer zones

The number of zones in Rogaland will be reduced from 136 to 5:


The core and local zones, except the extended local zone at Haugalandet, will not exist anymore. 

Night bus

The ticket for the night bus will cost the same as the tickets on the buses running throughout the day. All of the bus tickets are valid on the night bus.

Better tickets

The bus tickets will be divided into seven categories, and it will now become easier to decide which ticket suits you best. Ferry tickets and the Youth Pass remain the same, except for the changes in their names. 

You can buy your tickets

You can still top up your Kolumbus Card with Travel Money and pay your tickets with them, even though the 25 percent discount will not be offered anymore.

Impersonal tickets

All tickets, the Youth ticket included, become impersonal.
It will not be possible to send mobile tickets from one phone to another, so you must physically lend away your ticket/phone if you wish to share your ticket with others.

The Flexi Pass is replaced by a 30-day ticket

The new 30-day ticket keep the same benefits as the Flexi Pass. On weekends, public holidays and after 5 pm on weekdays, up to two adults and three children can travel together using the same 30-day ticket.



Children, students, seniors and others who are entitled to a discount, receive a 50 per cent discount on all bus tickets, except the Youth ticket and Combi ticket.

Companions traveling with seniors will travel for free when they are able to show a valid companion evidence. Seniors’ spouses, regardless of age, are given a senior discount when traveling together with their spouse who is entitled to a senior discount.

Groups, consisting of more than 12 people, will be given a 50 percent discount on buses and ferries. The discount is given based on the prices on adult tickets. Orders on tickets with a group discount for travels with ferries must be done at the latest 24 hours before departure.

Pilot project in Haugesund

10 NOK for a single ticket and 350 NOK for a 30-day ticket for journeys within the local zone in Haugesund, which will be the only remaining local zone in the county.

Last updated : 16.12.2015