Kolumbus for a smarter city

See how Kolumbus contributes to a smarter city.

Moving people and goods in a sustainable and effective manner is key in creating a smarter city. Therefore Kolumbus has important contributions when the cities of Rogaland will become smarter. Here are some key inputs:

The city bike

Read more about the city bike here.

Car sharing

Read more about Kolumbus car sharing here.

Autonomous buses

Kolumbus has long experince with testing autonomous buses in open traffic. The world's first full scale autonomous bus started operating on 10 May 2022 between the city centre and concert house of Stavanger.


Leasing electric bikes


Read more about leasing of electric bikes on HjemJobbHjem's pages (Norwegian).



With HentMeg, you book your transport online or by phone. You are picked up, and along the way to you destination, the vehicle picks up other passengers who are going in the same direction. This is thanks to an intelligent system that calculates the best and most effective route for the vehicle.

HentMeg is currently operational in Sauda, and ready for launch in Egersund.




The TrAM-project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020-programme, and will result in a fully electric express ferry ready for traffic in the Stavanger region within 2022.


New payment method

We are used to buying period tickets at a fixed price, and then travel as much as we like within that time frame. Kolumbus sees some disadvantges with this setup, however:

  • It disfavors those travelling short distances, and especially those crossing a zone boundary. They pay much more per kilometre than a person who travels over a long distance within the same zone.
  • It does not encourage cycling and walking. Once you have paid for a month's worth of bus, you want to travel as much as you can to get the most value for money.

Therefore, Kolumbus is in 2022 piloting a new payment method. Your phone automatically registers when you board a bus, detects how far you travel and charges you for that trip. If you travel a lot, you get discounts to resemble the effect that a period ticket has.

Last updated : 10.05.2022