HentMeg in Stavanger

We will test HentMeg during the conference Nordic Edge in Stavanger. Read more here about how you can test the service yourself.

The HentMeg service is well under way in Sauda, and now we want to test it in Stavanger during Nordic Edge Expo 25. - 27. September. Between 8 AM and 8 PM, we will drive you from any given bus stop to any other given bus stop within Stavanger municipality. Notice that the bus stops need to be situated at a place with mainland connection.

In Sauda, there is a mini bus operating the HentMeg service, while in Stavanger there will be four cars that drive the smartest routes to transport as many as possible to the right location at the shortest time.

HentMeg is for those who do not live along the main transport routes with the highest route frequency. We live in a sparsely populated region, where many people are going in different directions every day. That is not when a large bus in a static route works best. The system behind HentMeg calculates the most effective routes for the cars.

Last updated : 21.10.2019