Bus and ferry service on 17th May

On the Norwegian national day the bus and ferry service changes due to parades and local events. Please see the time table for your route to find out what Saturday routes with night bus means for you.

South and North Rogaland

Saturday routes without night bus. Route 260 in North Rogaland operates Sunday routes.

Ryfylke south

Sunday routes.

Ryfylke north

Sunday routes.


Saturday routes. Night ferry 1.30 am and 3 am night to 17th and 18th May.


Sunday routes.

Lysefjorden and Fisterøyene

Departure 4.45 pm from Lauvik and 5.45 pm from Lysebotn.

The Vassøy ferry

Saturday routes.


Departure from Utsira 6 pm.

Departure from Haugesund 19.15 pm.


No departures.


Sunday routes (the departure from Røvær 14:05 stops by Feøy).

Last updated : 06.05.2020