Why autonomous?

Are you wondering what Kolumbus thinks about the future of autonomous vehicles?

Autonomous vehicles are heading at full speed into our everyday lives, and will within a short time frame become a normal part of smarter cities. Kolumbus wants to learn hos autonomous buses work in urban areas. As Rogaland's infrastructure undergoes major changes over the next years, we think it is of utmost importance that we stay ahead of the development. This way, knowledge and new mobility solutions can benefit our region. We wish to understand what opportunities that lie in this technology and how we can make use of this when we plan the future's mobility service.

We especially believe in the role of the autonomous vechicle on the first and last leg of the trip. One realistic scenario would be that you are picked up at home by an autonomous vehicle and taken to the train station. After the train ride, you get into a new autonomous vehicle which takes you from the station to work.

If we are to make travelling in Rogaland without your own car easy, we have to think outside the box and look at the bigger picture. As Norway's piblic transport company, we were in the summer of 2017 given responsibility for the entire journey and not just static routes. We believe in a future that combines autonomous buses with good car and bike solution to give you freedom without your car.

The route chosen goes through an area with 3500 companies and 40 000 employees, and connects the office cluster with a bus way with frequent bus departures.

In a few years, the car will probably not be your best transport option on Norwegian roads. There will be other means of transport which are more effective and that don't require as substantial investments. Subscription solutions can rapidly give access to the means of transport best suited to your need, whether it is a bus to work or a four wheel drive to the cabin in the winter. Autonomous buses, combined with other means of transport, will give us an effective and seamless public transport system so that you can move easily both in the city centre and between the interchange spots.

Last updated : 10.08.2018