Organisation of the project

Read more about who participates in the project, among other things.

Kolumbus, Forus Næringspark and Forus PRT are partners in the project.

Gjesdal municipality has already started the Fabulos project (Future Automated Bus Urban Level Operation Systems) where Kolumbus is involved.

Rogaland County Council and Kolumbus have recieved 12,5 million NOK for testing autonomous buses in route traffic through the Ministry of transport and communications competition "Smarter transport in Norway". It is not yet decided which areas the bus will be tested in.

Kolumbus is project owner and finances most of the project.

Forus Næringspark is a driver for innovation, as well as facilitating infrastructure.

Forus PRT is operator, meaning responsibility for running the bus.

The autonomous bus will operate the stretch at Forus from June to December 2018.

Last updated : 10.08.2018