Travel guarantee for express ferry

We commit ourselves to do our best to get you where you are going at the right time. If you are more than 20 minutes delayed despite this, the travel guarantee can be applicable as explained below.

The travel guarantee is valid for express ferries that operate for the county council of Rogaland.

In the event of cancelled departures or delays of over 90 minutes, you are entitled to either

a) refund of paid ticket within seven days,
b) new travel itinerary at the same cost and same conditions, or
c) information about a new travel route within 30 minutes. If you do not recieve this, you can choose alternative transport in sted and have your expenses covered according to the rules below.

If you choose alternative b or c, you have according to the boat passenger regulation the right to be compensated according to the following rules:

In the event of delayed arrival to you final destination, you can demand to be compensated for the ticket price without losing the right to transport. The compensation is to be 25 per cent of the ticket price in the event of a delay of at least:

a) One hour for travels with informed duration of up to four hours
b) Two hours for travels with informed duration of more than four hours, but not more than eight hours.

If you travel with a period ticket, and you have experienced a delayed arrival more than three times in a month, you receive compensation according to the rules mentioned above. The basis for the calculation should include the value of the period ticket divided by the number of valid days left. A compensation below 50 NOK will not be paid.

It the delay is more than double the time listed in point a or b, the compensation is to be fifty per cent of the ticket price.

Covering expenses for alternative transport

If Kolumbus can not offer you a new travel route according to bullet point c mentioned at the top, we will cover expenses for taxi or other alternative transport if you are more than:

  • 30 minutes delayed on trips that take less than an hour with up to NOK 750
  • 60 minutes delayed on trips that take between one and three hours with up to NOK 1000
  • 90 minutes delay on trips that take more than three hours with up to NOK 1500

If you drive your own car or boat, your tip will be covered according to the government's rates for driving allowance. Only one person receives driving allowance per trip.

Remember to contact us as soon as possible and no later than two months after the incident.

If you have paid for alternative transport, we need the receipt which show price, VAT, licence number and receipt number for taxi.

If you disagree with the outcome of the case, you can file a complaint to the Travel Complaint Handling Body. The complaint must be filed at the latest one year after you have first complained to Kolumbus.

You must calculate with the necessary transfer time, in addition to the needed walking time, if there is no guaranteed correspondance.

We do not refund the expenses if there is 30 minutes or less until the next departure according to the timetable.

The travel guarantee does not apply when events Kolumbus cannot control occur, such as extreme weather conditions, accidents and road closures that stops buses, strikes and so on.

You will not be refunded if there are planned changes in route traffic that are informed in advance.

You will not be refunded for loss of earnings, toll road payments, studded tire fees or parking.

The refund applies only to alternative transport means, and not to successive costs of the delay such as failing to attend a dentist appointment, business meeting or flight).

Last updated : 26.08.2021