Ticket inspections

Please keep you ticket and necessary ID by hand throughout the journey in the event of a ticket inspection.

Valid ticket

You are responsible for keeping a valid ticket on you during the duration of your travels with Kolumbus. The ticket has to be accessible for control and is to be shown without hesitation when a ticket control is conducted. The checks can be performed by both uniformed personnel and personnel in civilian clothes.


If you are travelling with a personal ticket, you need to be able to show valid ID. If you are travelling with a personal ticket on vehicles which do not have a Kolumbus ticket-issuing machine, you need to bring a receipt, so that you can show it to a member of staff. If you buy your tickets in our ticket app, you do not need to bring a paper receipt when travelling with Go-Ahead's trains.

If you are a student and travel with discounted tickets, you must be able to show valid student ID in the event of ticket inspections.


Ticket inspectors have a duty to issue a fine if you do not have a valid ticket.

If you have a valid ticket, but can not show proof that you are entitled to a discount, you will receive a fine. We can discharge the fine if you either meety up at our customer centre or send us a message on our contact form within ten days. Make sure you bring or attach valid proof that you were entitled to the discount at the time of the ticket inspection.

The fine is in total NOK 1150, including the service charge. If you pay the fine during the inspection with a bank card, you only pay NOK 950. If you pay after the inspection by paying using the invoice sent to you, you have to pay NOK 1150. This is because there is an additional fine when we handle these types of payments. Children under 18 are not subject to the service charge and are therefore only subject to a NOK 950 fine.

The fee for falsification of a Kolumbus card is NOK 2000 for both adults and those under 18 years of age.

Withdrawal of cards

Kolumbus Cards that cannot be read electronically, or on which the name and date of birth are unclear, will be withdrawn. Cards can also be withdrawn if you are using a non-transferable travel product and the ticket inspector has doubts that the name and date of birth on the card are yours. You can get your card back at Byterminalen in Stavanger by producing a valid ID.

Last updated : 06.09.2023