Valid ID

You must be able to show a valid ID when buying non-transferable tickets as well as in the event of ticket inspections.

Accepted ID:

  • Bank card with a photo.
  • Driving licence.
  • Passport.

Accepted ID for Student Pass:

  • School/student ID with a photo and stamp*

  • Digital student ID in an app

  • Apprentices must bring a valid apprentice contract

*The ID must have a valid stamp or you must be able to produce a receipt for your paid term fees (applies to universities, university colleges, academies or a similar institutions of learning). The school term must last at least three months. The educational institution must be based in Norway.

Valid ID for seniors and escorts:

  • Card from Nav.
  • Blind and visually impaired people must have a membership card from Norges Blindeforbund.
  • Escorts for blind people must have a escort certificate.

Valid ID for conscripts:

  • Service certificate.

Last updated : 30.07.2019