Terms for use of Stiim app

Here you can read the terms and conditions you must accept to use the Stiim app.

  1. The purpose of the Stiim app is to encourage more people to travel greener and letting the car rest. Using Stiim and participating in friendly competitions with other Stiim users and colleagues is therefore free of charge.
  2. By using Stiim and setting up a profile, you accept that information about you and your results are made available for colleagues, potentially your employer and other users you choose to join a group with.
  3. It is your responsibility to use Stiim according to its intentions and the terms listed here. For your results to be as accurate as possible, you must follow the instructions in the app. We ask that reported information matches the actual transport to and from work. Kolumbus has no way of checking whether or not the information is correct.
  4. Kolumbus strives for as correct results as possible, but can not guarantee that the lists of results at any time are correct and we do not take any responsibility in this matter.
  5. All communication with other users of the app has to be decent, or in any other way harassing.
  6. Kolumbus reserves the right to block users who do not use Stiim according to the terms mentioned above. Kolumbus can also delete user profiles in the case of prolonged inactivity.

Read more about privacy policy for the Stiim app here.

Last updated : 17.08.2021