Purchase terms and terms of use

Terms and conditions of purchase and reservation of products.

The most important things to remember when buying tickets to travel with us:

  • You ticket must be valid when you board. This means that you have to fulfil any requirements for possible discounts, the ticket must be valid for the zones you travel through and you must ensure that the ticket is activated. You have to start it in the app, and with a Kolumbus card you need to start a new ticket on a ticket reader.
  • If you are taking the train, remember to activate you ticket on a Kolumbus card before you enter the train as there are no ticket readers on board.
  • If your ticket was valid as you boarded, you are good to go. You will not be caught with an invalid ticket if the ticket expires during the trip.
  • You will have to be able to show your ticket throughout the entire journey, no matter if it has expired or not. This means that you have to have enough battery on your phone, or that you must bring with you your Kolumbus card at all times whilst on board.

Read the full terms for ticket purchases below.

Terms and conditions for purchases made in the ticket app

See here what you responsibilites are, so you can avoid fees in a ticket control:

  • Ensure that you have sufficient online signal so you can buy a ticket.
  • Cell phone or tablet must function properly, so that the screen is readable.
  • Please make sure that you have enough battery on your phone at all times when travelling, so that you are able to show your ticket in the event of a ticket control.
  • If you cannot show your ticket, it counts as travelling without a valid ticket.
  • You need a valid ticket before you board. You can board when the ticket's status is "Confirmed. Boarding allowed".
  • If you buy tickets for others using your phone, you must travel together, so that you can present valid tickets for everyone. This does not apply if you buy tickets for others that are retrieved on the recipient's mobile phone.
  • If you have bought a ticket that you have sent to someone else, this ticket must be used within three months of the purchasing date. After this, the ticket will be invalid.
  • The copying of data or digital tickets is not allowed other that through the functionality supported by the at any time applicable Kolumbus Billett app. This also applies when you transfer tickets to a new phone. It is not permitted to transfer an acquired ticket more than two times.
  • Any attempt to recreate the original source code for the programmes (known as reverse engineering) is strictly forbidden.

Relevant information

Ticket inspections

Travel terms

Kolumbus ticket app and privacy policy


Terms and conditions for purchases to Kolumbus card

Tickets that are sold online are electronic tickets. The tickets you buy online are placed on your Kolumbus card. Tickets for the Kolumbus card can also be purchased from a  The tickets are activated when the Kolumbus Card connects with a card reader/ticket validator that has been notified via the back-end system that you have purchased a new ticket. You must therefore have a Kolumbus Card to be able to purchase tickets online.

All of Kolumbus' tickets, except the single ticket, are valid for the number of days you purchase the ticket for. The day your ticket expires, it expires at the same time as the moment of purchase x number of days earlier.

It is your responsibility to meet the requirements for each ticket you buy. In the case of discounted tickets (child, youth, student or reduced-rate tickets) you must carry with you valid identification which proves your right to the discount.

You can top up Travel Money on your Kolumbus Card online. A single transfer cannot exceed NOK 5 000. Travel Money may be used to buy single tickets on board the buses and ferries in the Kolumbus network. If you pay with your Travel Money, you will receive a 25 percent discount on adult single tickets. Children and those entitled to reduced rates will as usual receive a 50 percent discount on adult single ticket rates.

Only purchases made online are shown in the overview "Previous purchases" when you log in.

Online prices are shown in Norwegian kroner, and they are shown both including and excluding VAT. The total cost displayed before you confirm your purchase, includes all the expenses associated with the purchase.

All purchases are processed automatically by the ticketing system. Upon purchase of a ticket, information about the ticket and your Kolumbus Card is transferred to ticketing machines on board the transport. Usually the tickets are transferred to ticketing machines during the night and are ready for use the next day.  If your tickets are not available after three business days, you can cancel your purchase.

Remember that you need to use the tickets or travel money you bought in the web shop within six months. After six months, the tickets or travel money will disappear, and you will need to bring a receipt to a customer service centre or apply for a refund here.

Payment takes place by confirming the purchase online. The payment will be processed by PayEx, which offers a secure electronic payment solution for Visa and MasterCard/Eurocard. All card information is kept according to card company regulations.

Personal data and information is processed as described in the Norwegian Personal Data Act. Personal data that is protected by the Personal Data Act is not available to other businesses or connected to other external registries.

Remember that you must activate your ticket at a card reader on board the bus or a a customer service centre before travelling by train. If you do not activate it beforehand, the ticket is not valid, and you risk being fined in the event of a ticket control.

Terms and conditions for ferry tickets

Terms and conditions for the express ferry to and from Ryfylke can be found at http://billetter.Kolumbus.no

Terms and conditions for train travels

Se terms and conditions for travelling by train at Go Ahead's web pages.

EU regulation for bus passengers' rights

The purpose of the regulation is to lay down rules for bus transport, which will according to Article 2 ensure equal treatment of customers, the right to adequate information, the right to assistance, rights in case of delay/cancellation and the right to appeal. The carrier means the company with which you enter into the agreement and/or the one transporting you.

The right to transport and non-discriminatory access conditions

a) Right to transport pursuant to Articles 9 and 10
Persons with disabilities have the right to transport under the regulation. As a customer you have the right to purchase a ticket and the right to board the means of transport without being denied for reasons of disability (Article 9).

The rules apply to the restrictions that follow from the safety and design of the buses in Article 10.
Our buses are designed and approved according to the European regulations and accommodate a wheelchair with 1300 mm length (incl. user). The ramps and support wall for wheelchairs in class 1 buses will withstand a total weight of 300 kg. Unfortunately, we can not accommodate larger wheelchairs, as this will not be safe.

The allocated space is available for wheelchair users if available. Our drivers will assist in getting other travelers to move to another place on the bus if there is space.

b) Non-discriminatory access terms
Our terms and conditions will not discriminate against you as a customer, and we would love to hear from you if you believe they do.
If you need, you are entitled to a printout of our terms and conditions and those parts of our routes you believe will be relevant to you.

Accidental rights, including rules for injury to wheelchairs

According to Article 17 of the regulation, the carrier is liable for damage to a wheelchair or other moving equipment. The responsibility is objective, but if you do not secure your wheelchair with safety arrangements on board, such as wall with side support on city buses and "belt / straps" on the regional bus, the damage is self-inflicted and the carrier's liability will expire in whole or in part.

You are entitled to compensation equal to your replacement cost and if you receive expenses for temporary equipment, the carrier is also responsible for the cost of that.

In addition to this, there are rules for compensation for damage to persons and / or goods in accordance with the provisions of the Car Responsibility Act.

Disclosure obligation, available terms and conditions

According to the regulations, you are required to obtain sufficient information about travel conditions on the website and necessary information throughout the journey. Current information is price, ticket validity, the ticket to which the ticket applies and any documentation required. This also applies to information on planned deviations and deviations along the way. The information shall be provided on request in several different ways, for example visually and via audio. You are also entitled to print the travel terms.

The Norwegian regulations give you the right to information in a universally designed format, which can only be exceptionally avoided. The information should be provided in a simple and understandable manner. The regulatory requirements for content and format are specified in NS 11032, paragraphs 7 and 8.
According to the Norwegian regulations, you also have the right to information on accessibility on terminals and stations. This applies to information about, among other things, permanent and temporary barriers and challenges on boarding/boarding.

You can read more about your rights on the Transport Complaints Committee's pages. The complaint deadline is one year after you have received a response from the carrier. The Transport Appeals Board may decide on your rights under the regulation and according to the carrier's travel conditions/transport bill.

Statutory cancellation right and complaints/claims

The rules for refunds and statutory cancellation apply for online purchases.



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Some ticketing machines may not be updated with the latest purchase information. This is due to conditions that Kolumbus cannot affect, and it may take longer than normal before the ticket can be used. When we know about error situations, we will publish information at kolumbus.no.

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