School transport and privacy policy

If you have applied for school transport, we need certain personal information to deliver this service to you.

For pupils in primary schools and for all pupils who need special transport, Kolumbus is handed personal information from the local school offices. Pupils in upper secondary schools adds the information themselves when they apply for transport online. This information will also appear on the decision letter.

This is what we handle

  • Name, address and date of birth phone number (to pupil or parent), additional address when shared residence, school, class, class schedule and transport period. If you apply for transport for medical reasons, medical data will also be handled.
  • If the pupil is to be transported by taxi, information on time and place for picking up is also collected.
  • Travel information upon regular school transport (bus): This is information for instance on which zone and stop you started your trip from, when you registered your travel card, what ticket type you used and your travel card number.

Agreement on shuttle allowance

If shuttle allowance is to be paid to parents for use of a private car, Kolumbus treats information about the pupil's number of days of absence from the school. As the allowance is taxable, we also need information such as name, birth number, address and account number to the one who is to recieve the payment.


Kolumbus handles the information to decide on the right to receive school transport according to the educational bill, and to ensure that the actual transport is delivered.

Legal basis

The handling of data is necessary to be able to decide on the right to receive school transport according to the educational bill. We only handle the data we need to deliver the service, and you can choose to travel anonymously with Kolumbus at your own expense.

Access and use

The information is only used to decide whether or not you have the right to schol transport, to perform the transport itself and for financial and accounting purposes. The access to the information is limited, so that only persons that need to have access.

Your information will be handed on to the complaints body in case of a complaint. In addtion, the transporter gets access to necessary personal information to get the transport done. For pupils receiving transport by taxi, this information include name, address, school, pick up times and potential special needs during transport. We do not pass on health informatoin to transporters unless it is necessary for the transport to take place in a safe manner (for instance that the pupil is in a wheel chair). Except for this, information is not handed on to others unless the authorities tell us to.

Storing and deleting

The personal information about you will be stored for five years after your right to receive school transport ceases. The reason is the reporting duty to Rogaland county council.

If your application for school transport is rejected, the data will be deleted after one month at the latest after the deadline for appeals, or within a month after the processing of a complaint is completed.

You have the right to insight into, correction or deletion of personal data stored about you.

Your rights during the treatment of data

You have the rights to view, correct and delete information stored about you, and to have informatoin transferred to a new data handler. You also have the rights to ask for limited treatment until allegedly wrong information is corrected.

You have for reasons connected to your special situation the right to object to the treatment, but it will lead to us not being able to provide special transport.

Read more about your rights and how you can request viewing or deleting on the main page for privacy policy at

Last updated : 20.09.2022