Kolumbus ticket app and privacy policy

Below you can find information about the treatment of your personal information, accesses and statistics.

Personal information act at lovdata.no (in Norwegian).


Kolumbus treats your personal information to give you better customer service and to offer additional services such as:

  • verifying of user to give access to special tickets such as the HjemJobbHjem ticket
  • quicker help if you have questions about your ticket or other matters
  • the possibility to transfer your ticket if you lose or destroy the phone

This is what we use

  • Customer information: cell phone number
  • Sales information: information from the sale of the ticket, such as time of purchase, ticket type and in which zone the ticket is valid

If you add your e-mailaddress to receive receipts, this will only be stored locally in your app on your phone, unsearchable for Kolumbus.

We will only treat personal information if you have given your consent or to fulfil our purchase agreement with you.

Access and use

The access to information about you is limited. We do not hand out information about you to any third party as long as we are not imposed to do so by public authorities.

Storing and deleting

The information about you is stored for as long as you have agreed to storing. The phone number will be stored along with your app-ID, and we at Kolumbus will be able to search for it. You can delete the phone number at any time. This will also delete the number in our systems.

Everyone can choose to register their phone number in the app, and you will have to do so if you work in the HjemJobbHjem company and wish to buy a HjemJobbHjem ticket. The same applies if you wish to use the city bike.

Sales information is stored for up to 365 days after the ticket has expired or alternatively 365 days after a written complaint has been put forth to Kolumbus about an aspect of your journey. This to be able to handle the customer's right to complain to the travel complaint handling body.

Access on your phone

For Kolumbus Billett to work fully, it needs certain accesses to functions on your phone. You for instance need to activate location in the ticket app to unlock a city bike. The phone's position is treated only when the app is active to be able to determine if you are close to a charging station. You can choose to turn off these accesses under settings on your phone, but certain features will not be available or not function optimally. 


We wish to improve the app, and use Google Analytics to gather information about the use of Kolumbus Billett. This information is sent anonymised to us, and can not be tied to you as a single user. If you still do not want to share your user information, you can switch this off under "settings" in the app.

Your rights during the treatment of data

You have the rights to view, correct and delete information stored about you, and to have informatoin transferred to a new data handler. You also have the rights to ask for limited treatment until allegedly wrong information is corrected.

Read more about your rights and how you can request viewing or deleting on the main page for privacy policy at kolumbus.no.

Last updated : 20.09.2022