Kolumbus Sanntid and privacy policy

Kolumbus Sanntid does not require you to add your personal contact details. Nevertheless, the app will ask for certain permissions - such as access to your location - necessary for the described functionality and nature of the application. These are detailed below. You can choose for each of these functions separately if you want to use them or not.  Without granting certain permissions, you can use the app with limited functionality only.

Internet and Bluetooth Access

Internet: You must be connected to the Internet either via 3 or 4G or Wifi to use the app.

Bluetooth: Must be enabled to be able to connect to Bluetooth beacons in buses. For Android users this is part of the location permissions described below.

Location Permission

To secure your privacy, location data is only stored and processed locally on the phone unless the user has explicitly allowed to share such data in the app dialogue. Without granting location permissions, you will not be able to use guiding during your travel, sort stops nearby your location and start your travel search from your current location. We will also not be able to provide you information on your trip history.

Location when-in-use (ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION): This is used to find your position, so that you can see stops nearby, your position in the real time map and to find your position as a start point for travel suggestions.  Fine location access will be used only in cases where precise location is required to provide a suitable user experience, such as defining on which side of the road you are when being guided to a bus stop.

Location background (ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION): This is used to wake the app in the background when it is close to a beacon in a bus in order to provide you information about your trip history or allow you to give immediate feedback on your current trip.
When the app finds a beacon, it will start gathering data about your position and use this information to calculate which bus you are on board. You need to enable this feature inside the app before it starts collecting historic trip data. Location data related to ”My trips” functionality is only processed and stored locally on the phone, regardless of if the user has accepted to share anonymous travel patterns or opted in to digital in app surveys, or not.

Gathering of data on travel patterns

If you allow it, anonymous data on travel patterns is gathered. Anonymous data about travel patterns on aggregated levels are used to improve the transport offer.

We do not treat detailed information such as where you are and will only treat locational data on basic statistical unit level. Therefore, your workplace or home address will not be identifiable. You choose whether you want to share data on travel patterns or not, and you can withdraw your consent at any time. You can see, download or delete the information about yourself in the app.

In some instances, we will share the data with research institutions for scientific research according to GRPR article 6 no. 1 letter e, according to the personal information act paragraph 8.


The application can send users notifications about deviation on chosen trips, favourite routes or general traffic issues to provide relevant information to travellers. Notifications are sent as push notifications to your phone. You can choose in settings to allow for notifications in general and specify which type of notification you want to receive.

Digital in-app surveys

If you consent to the gathering of data about travel patterns, you may receive surveys on board the means of transport. Through wireless senders (beacons) in the buses, boats and trains, the real time app registers that you are on board and will periodically send you questions about how you experienced the trip even though the app is closed. The answers give us useful information on customer experiences on specific routes. Anonymous data is sent to third party Fluxloop, who analyses the data and presents reports for Kolumbus.

Statistics about use of the app

We wish to improve the app and use Google Analytics for Firebase in Kolumbus Sanntid to gather information on use. The use information is sent anonymously to us and cannot be tied to you as a user. If you still do not wish to share you user information, you can turn this off under settings in the app.

Last updated : 21.10.2021