Kolumbus Reise and privacy policy

Access and statistics when you use the app Kolumbus Reise.


For Kolumbus Reise to function as planned, the app needs access to certain functionality on your phone. You can choose to switch off these accesses. but certain functionality will as a result not be accessible or not work fully. You can switch off accesses under settings on your phone.

Kolumbus Reise needs the following accesses:

Geo location: This is used to find your position, so that you can see bus stops nearby, wee where you are in the map, get search results based on where you are and find travels to and from where you are. You can search for bus stops and addresses even though geo location is switched off.

Internet: You must be connected to the Internet either via 4G or Wifi to use the app.


We wish to improve the app, and use Google Analytics for Kolumbus Reise to gather information on use. The use information is sent anonymously to us, and can not be tied to you as a user. If you still do not wish to share you user information, you can turn this off under settings in the app.

Last updated : 17.08.2021