Kolumbus city bike and privacy policy

By renting a Kolumbus city bike, we treat certain personal information about you to offer, administer and improve our service. Here, you can read information about what personal information is gathered, for which purpose and about your rights connected to the treatment of this information.


The city bike service is meant to give customers the possibility to rent city bikes through the ticket app, connected to exisiting public transport tickets or a separate dedicated access to the city bike.

The purpose of the treatment of data in different parts of the solution is to ensure that you as a customer receive access to bikes when you have a valid ticket, ensure that the service is not misused, that the customer can be contacted in case of damages, misuse or theft, as well as ensure enough statistics on use in order to develop and improve the service.

This is what we treat

By renting a Kolumbus city bike through the Kolumbus ticket app, the following data about you is treated:

  • User profile with for instance phone number and my bike trips
  • Information on valid tickets
  • Information needed to go through with payments
  • Information on picking up and parking of bikes
  • Information on reported damages on bikes
  • Information on status, including position, on all bikes and charging stations

Legal basis

The legal basis for the main part of the treatments mentioned above is that it is necessary to fulfil the agreement with you about the use of the city bike (ref GRDP art. 6.1 letter b). To use the city bike, terms of use must be accepted and phone number must be added to the ticket app.

For treatment of information connected to following up of damage cases, theft and so on, statistics on the use of the services, the legal basis is that this is necessary for purposes connected to the legitimate interests that Bysykkelen AS pursues by operating and improving the service (GDPR art. 6.1 letter f).

Your rights

The access to information about you is limited. You have the right to view and correct, data portability and deleting information stored about you. Requests regarding your rights are directed to Kolumbus AS. Read more about your rights under privacy policy.

We do not hand over your data to a third party as long as we are not ordered to do so by public authorities.

Storing and deleting

We are dependent on having certain information about you as a customer to offer a city bike service, and the consequence of not providng such information is that we can not deliver the city bike service to you.

If you remove the phone number in the ticket app, this is deleted from Kolumbus's servers within 14 days. Continued storing of you personal data might still be necessary to be able to:

  • determining, activate or defending a court demand, hereby to defend Kolumbus AS and Bysykkelen AS' interests in a quarrel with you about for instance lost or damaged bike, as well as
  • fulfil law imposed demands, hereby mandatory continued storing according to the accounting laws.

Accesses on the phone

You must give access to location in the ticket app to be able to unlock a city bike. The phone's position is treated only when the app is in use, to be able to determine whether you are close to a charging station. Location data from you cell phone is not stored on Kolumbus' servers.

Last updated : 20.09.2022