HentMeg and privacy policy

If you book transport through the HentMeg (pickmeup) service, we need to know certain things about you to be able to deliver the service and ensure that you get sufficient information about the delivery.

This is what we handle

Customer information: This is contact data such as name and phone number. We need the name for the driver to be able to make sure that the correct person is picked up, and we need the phone number to be able to send you information about the journey shortly before departure.

Travel information: You tell us where you are going from and to when you book transport at www.kolumbus.no/hentmeg


Kolumbus handles the data to be able to deliver the HentMeg service to you.

Access and use

The access to personal information is limited and only used for delivering the HentMeg service to you.

Our provider of market surveys can also contact you as a user of the service to evaluate HentMeg.

The data will not be handed to a third party as long as we are not ordered to do so by public authorities, but statistical and anonymous travel data can be used to map the use of the service. These data will not be tied to you.

Storing and deleting

You personal data will be stored for 100 days after you booking is completed. The travel data will be deleted 100 days after the journey is completed, and a user will be deleted if it is inactive non stop for 100 days.

You have the right to insight into and correction or deletion of data stored about you.

Last updated : 17.08.2021